How it works.

It couldn't be simpler. First, you link your device on our home page (you'll need a device to start). You're in! Tweet or post it on Facebook for extra credits.

Next, get active. Walk those stairs, bike a few extra miles, go for 'mayor' of your gym!

If you’re up for a challenge, then join one…or create your own. You get a shot at a gift card-just for meeting specific goals.

You probably already know what rewards you want. Well, what are you waiting for?! Go redeem them! Seriously, Earndit makes its money on when you redeem, you are literally supporting us, and enabling us to stay focused on supporting you (it's an eco-system, silly!).

That's it. It's so easy, right?! We know.

See you out there…
The Earndit Team

I love this site! What's the catch?

Absolutely none. We love supporting healthy people, and getting paid to do it! Our rewards partners (the people who make your prizes) want to get the word out about their products-so they're offering these great (and often exclusive) deals.

One thing though? Earndit gets paid as you redeem your credits-not when they're sitting around. So if you like what we offer and want to keep earning great prizes, redeem your credits!

How do my points get calculated?

It depends on your activity and device!

Method of activity Points per mile
By Foot 10
By Bike 3
By Skate 6
By Paddle 7
By Skateboard 6

Fitbit, Jawbone UP & Omron, Garmin Wellness (e.g. vívofit)
  1 point per 250 steps

  Walking: 1 point per 250 steps
  Running: 10 points per mile
  Cycling: 3 points per mile

0.10 pts x MET total for all minutes over 3 MET (metabolic equivalent of task)

  Gym-goers: 15 points per check-in (limit one per day)
  "Mayor" of the gym: 20 points

Higi Kiosk
  Check-in at a higi kiosk for 100 points (limit once per day)

Can I manually enter my activity data into one of the tracking services I have linked to Earndit?

Because there are monetary rewards at stake, we can’t give points for manually entered data. The legitimacy of the data we give credit for is what allows us to offer high value rewards from our brand partners. Hence we have to use objective data recorded by the devices and apps themselves.

Can I earn points from multiple services at the same exact time?

It's entirely possible to use two distance-based tracking services at two different times of the day (e.g. you use Endomondo for a bike ride in the morning and RunKeeper for a run at night). However, if we see that two different tracking services provide activity data at the same time, then we'll mark one of them as "Duplicate Activity".

When using an all-day tracking service such as Fitbit or BodyMedia, it's not possible to earn points with that service and another service in the same day (other than Foursquare). The reason we have to look at the entire day for de-duping is because the data from Fitbit and BodyMedia doesn't come to us with any time of day information. Like before, we'll give you points for whichever service would earn you the most points if you use Fitbit or BodyMedia in the same day as another service.

How do I search for people to follow?

If you go to the page titled "Rankings", you'll see a search box on the righthand side of the page.

Where can I find my reward code and redemption instructions for a reward I've already earned?

Go the the page titled "Rewards", and on the righthand side you'll see your redemption history. Click on the date next to the reward you'd like to recover the code for. This will take you to the confirmation page that has your code and redemption instructions.

Who pays for the charity donations?

We pay for the charity donations ourselves. In full transparency, we generate revenue whenever you redeem your credits for a reward offered by a brand or whenever you participate in a sponsored challenge; on the contrary, charitable donations cost us money. It’s our hope that you’ll continue to see value in the rewards we offer & the sponsored challenges we host and continue to use Earndit in those ways. Ultimately though, these charitable donations are an extension of our social mission of making this world a slightly healthier place.

What is the difference between activity points and credits?

Activity points are the measure of your physical activity. Think of it as your score in the video game of fitness. Credits are the currency you earn to spend on rewards. You earn one credit for every activity point up to a maximum of 60 per day.

Why is there a daily credits limit of 60?

Everyone is able to earn up to 60 credits in a day from being active. That’s equivalent to going 6 miles by foot or 20 miles by bike. If you’re exercising more than this, you’re already in the zone and don’t need much more motivation (but please don’t let that stop you from doing it). The daily limit does not apply to bonus credits you can get by bragging or referring friends.

Have I stopped getting points for Foursquare check-ins?

Check-ins no longer give you points towards your daily activity and leaderboard. They still award credit for rewards and also count towards challenges (unless noted otherwise).

I referred someone to Earndit but I haven't received my 100 bonus credits. Why not?

First off, thank you very much for referring your friends to Earndit! We appreciate that more than you know. Once your referred friend earns his or her first 100 points from physical activity, you'll receive your 100 bonus credits. You can see how close your friend is to the 100-point mark by clicking the referral link at the top of the Earndit page.

I have a tracking service linked to Earndit but I actually workout with a different service and then import those workouts into the service I have linked to Earndit. Why aren't I getting points?

We can only award points for activities that are done using the actual tracking service you have linked to Earndit. We can't give points for workouts that are imported into your linked service from another device or app. For example, let's say you have Endomondo linked to Earndit but actually use Garmin to track your runs and then you import that data into your Endomondo account, you wouldn't earn points for those Garmin runs unless you link your Garmin Connect account to Earndit.

Can I use Earndit outside the U.S.?

100% yes!! It doesn't matter if you’re in Mexico, London, Shanghai, or Paris...we know you've got to work off all that good food somehow! Some of the rewards might carry restrictions though. So be sure to read the fine print!

Why aren't my activities showing up in Earndit?

First, please make sure you're doing an activity that is eligible for earning points. These are activities that are done by: foot, bike, skate, kayak or skateboard. Other activity methods are not qualified to earn you points.

If you are doing an eligible activity, please make sure it is set to “public” in whatever service you used to record the activity. We are not able to give credit for activities that you mark as “private”.

If you have done all of the above and you still don't see it in your Earndit activity stream, please contact us and we'll figure it out.

What gave you the idea to start this company?

Great question. We started Earndit for three reasons:
   a) we wanted to support and motivate healthy people
   b) we figured out a way to make money in the process
   c) we knew it would be way more fun than a desk job. So far, we've been right!

When a challenge ends on a particular day, what time of that day does it end?

All activities started before midnight (based on your local timezone) on the last day of the challenge will count so long as they get synced to Earndit before the winners are declared at 12pm ET the following day.

What is Tango Card?

Tango Card is the prize that's given to the winner of a challenge that someone creates that has an entry fee. The entry fees are collected by us and used to purchase the winner a Tango Card in the amount of 90% of all the entry fees collected. Tango Cards can be exchanged for the following:

Brand Countries where eligible All countries
SpaFinder All countries
REI All countries
Starbucks US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand
The Home Depot US, Canada and Mexico, or online from anywhere
Rixity US and on various websites as a payment option
Gap Brands US and Canada
Nike US Only
Zappos US Only
Groupon US Only
Pottery Barn US Only
Target US Only