Help Make a Homeless Shelter a Home

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Genesis Home in Durham, North Carolina provides transitional shelter for homeless families. As each new family moves in, we refurbish their room to make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible. With 15 families staying an average of six months or less, the cost of refurbishing becomes an urgent need for our shelter.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

All families face many varied challenges and some greater than others. Perhaps one of the greatest challenges is finding you have no place to sleep and no home to keep your family safe. The circumstances surrounding each case of family homelessness is unique but the common denominator is that a family finds itself with no place to live. Genesis Home was created to provide transitional housing for families in need of a place to live and work towards a new home of their own.

How will this project solve this problem?

Genesis Home provides transitional housing for homeless families. We provide each family with its own living quarters and a communal kitchen for them to cook for their children. Genesis Home staff work with residents to help them access the resources and support they need to become self sufficient and reestablished in permanent housing. While they are living with us, we want to provide a home-like environment. Your gift helps us create a sense of comfort, security and dignity.

Potential Long Term Impact

Each family that comes to live at Genesis Home is provided with the time and support they need to begin again and work towards becoming self supporting and back on their feet in a home they can call their own. We help families reestablish what it means to have a home and relearn what it takes to keep a home. We sometimes say that we are "in the business of restoring dignity". With that in mind, it is vital to welcome our families into a space that shows they are valued and cared for.

Project Message

"I have seen very creative efforts to help homeless women, men and families and they all become successful at moving on and becoming independent again in a home of their own."
- Barbara V. Smith, Former Genesis Home Board Member

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Make a homeless shelter a home
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