Help a Kenyan girl get 3 months of schooling


Shining Hope for Communities is changing the lives of thousands of girls and women in the Kibera slum of Nairobi. Our 'Shining Girls of Kibera' initiative gives adolescent girls the training and resources they need to be economically self-sufficient--enabling them to become the engines of prosperity and social change for their community! We support them through a holistic program of entrepreneurship and vocational training, sexual health education, artistic opportunities, and more.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Girls in Kibera face tremendous obstacles to securing an education and protecting their physical and emotional health. Beyond the daily hardship of life in extreme poverty, girls also face horrific rates of sexual assault and incest, and lack access to basic needs like food, shoes, clothing, and sanitary napkins. We are committed to providing education to young girls, as well as skills training and opportunities for teenage girls who were unfortunately denied education in their youth.

How will this project solve this problem?

Changing the options available to girls could change everything, solving problems from poverty to prostitution. Investing in women and girls is the best investment for the health and the development of the entire community. By providing girls with entrepreneurship training, vocational education, materials for their micro-enterprises, and a safe space to gather and learn from one another, we will enable them to become economically independent--greatly decreasing their vulnerability.

Potential Long Term Impact

Our micro-enterprise program members earn 50% more than the average household income in Kibera, and girls in our Shining Girls program were 80% less likely to be victims of sexual abuse than their peers. Our holistic approach has successfully raised standards of living, improved health indicators, increased household incomes, and decreased under-five mortality, malnutrition and instances of gender violence. With your help, we can provide these services to hundreds more girls in the Kibera slum.

Project Message

My child is only four and she was raped. Shining Hope for Communities stayed with me until my child received treatment and we got legal help. Shining Hope gives the community knowledge and power.
- Khadija Otineo, Parent of Student; Project Participant

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give a Kenyan girl 3 months of vocational training
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